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How do I print at the library?

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Printers at the library are located on the 1st floor in Computer Lab 101, the 24/7 lab, and beside the 1st floor elevator. You can also copy, scan, and scan to email using the printers. Choose FollowMe on Print2 when selecting a printer destination on your computer. Go to any printer, swipe your ID card over the black square on the top or front panel, and choose Print Release. Please note, you can release your print jobs from any printer with the FollowMe label located on Chatham's campus since your ID card releases the prints. Please consult the Copy Center Documentation on Printing for associating your ID card, and printing from PCs and MACs. 

Librarians cannot troubleshoot printing issues. If you have problems printing, contact the Copy Center at 412-365-1108 or the IT Helpdesk at 412-365-1112.